Storm Updates July 2019

We will try to keep a running blog of updates as the storm relief efforts continue.
At this time, the Chamber is not coordinating efforts. We are passing along information we have received from the city, county and other organizations. If you have questions specific to your area, contact your Town Clerk or City Hall.

🗓➡️ Wednesday, 7/23/2019 21:45
Business that received damage
should report it to Barron County Economic Development by FRIDAY- 715-637-6871. There is also a loan program for businesses. Click here for details.

Cemetery Clean-Up will continue Thursday morning at 9 a.m. to noon. NO SAWS. Just bring gloves, rakes and maybe a wheelbarrow. At the corner of M and D east of the long bridge.

🗓➡️ Wednesday, 7/23/2019 12:45
Phillips Park & Chetek Beach
are now open. However, USE CAUTION as there is still damage from the storm including holes from fallen limbs.

More Scammer Info- taken from a storm help group Facebook post- 1. Check for damage and photo document. If there is hail, take a photo next to an object. Save it in the freezer for fun. (It’ll shrink) 2. Contact your insurance company and report the damage. 3. Once your insurance company has been notified, contact an insured professional to assess and estimate repairs or replacement of property. 4. Before any work is performed you should: ask for their certificate of insurance, a completed W9, and Contractor’s license. (You May also fact check their license online)- Thank you Rob Eck Construction for sharing this information.

🗓➡️ Wednesday, 7/23/2019 09:15
Brush Site Volunteers Needed-
Essential this is to direct traffic at the gate- no physical labor! Signup online at or call 715-924-4838

Register with 211
if you need assistance. Even if the weekend VRC (Volunteer Reception Center) is unable to assist you, it creates a record of locations for your municipality to follow up on. In addition, recorded volunteer hours can help your municipality recoup some of the cost of storm cleanup.

🗓➡️ Tuesday, 7/22/2019 17:05
corrected the date below- currently, the site will be open at least through Sunday. Reminder, this if for residents of Chetek, Town of Chetek and Town of Prairie Lake. (not Prairie Farm as some of reported). Be respectful of the property and the workers/volunteers when you are there.

CALL 211 or some may remember this from the tornado. You can call this address to report a need for assistance. There will be a county wide volunteer effort out of Barron on Friday and Saturday. They will help as many locations as they have volunteers for based on need. Click here for information on this and full update from Barron County.

Scammers- companies severely over charging have been in the area! Also, a crew claiming to be with a company by the name of New Horizon is going around stating they are working with our local companies, however, when one resident called a local company to verify this, the mystery crew left the property. Apparently they have no known affiliation with New Horizon (MN based) or local companies. Beware, check references, ask for recommendations.
We’ve been provided with this list of licensed tree services- Jerry’s Tree Service & Cross Country Clearing (both Chamber members). Also Jeff Paulson, Chopper’s Tree Service, Kringle/McHenry Tree Service, All Seasons Tree Service & Jason Rihn. (if you need contact info, let us know)

Chetek High School will be open for showers/bathrooms for those with storm damage and power outages. Tuesday, 7/23, facilities will be available from 6:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Wednesday from 12 p.m.-8 p.m., and Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

🗓➡️ Monday, 7/21/2019 14:45
BRUSH SITE- Hochmayr Ave (behind Parker)
Hours 9 a.m to 6 p.m. through Sunday, July 28 ABSOLUTELY NO DUMPING outside those hours, subject to fines. This site is for residents of the City of Chetek, Town of Chetek and Town of Prairie Lake. Trees and brush go in one pile, stumpage in a separate pile. Volunteers are needed at the gate- you can sign up online at or call (715) 924-4838 (city of Chetek)

Phillips Park and Beach remain closed while crews work on the power lines. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a safety issue.

Potential Scammers - beware when hiring tree crews or contractors to do work. Look for reputable companies with references, call friends and neighbors for advice or visit our directory for Chamber member companies. We are working up a listed of licensed tree services in the area.

If you have additional information or questions, please comment below.