There are a variety of Chetek lodging options, each with their own uniqueness. Choose a secluded cabin, a modern motel or resort or a campground. The choices are endless.

Our business owners are a key ingredient to what makes this area of Northern Wisconsin so special they are one of the reasons your stay here will be one you’ll remember for a long time. Many people return to this area, not only for its beauty, but because of the friendly and helpful people that the area is famous for.

The Chetek Resort Owners’ Association is comprised of 35 resorts, motels and campgrounds that focus on promoting tourism in the Chetek Lakes area. The Information Center near Hwy 53, provides visitors and Chetek residents with current travel information from the Chetek areas and surrounding communities.

28 2nd Street
Chetek, WI 54728
1-800-224-3835 or 715-924-4440