Winter Fest PUSH-off


What’s a Push-Off?

No, we’re not launching a boat but we are launching a push-up themed kick-off to Winter Fest.


As many of you know, the Bikini Run portion of Winter Fest helps raise funds to support Pink Ribbon Advocacy of Barron County and their mission to support women in Barron County battling breast cancer. For 2019 Winter Fest, we’re PUSHING OFF with a push up challenge in October and we’re looking for Chamber Members to help.

We want Chamber Members to volunteer to do a push up for every dollar pledged in October. We’ll break down the pledges and “assign” pushups to a business. Then, we will come get a photo or video of you doing your push ups at your business or where every you’d like. We will then share the images through social media (and encourage you do use them, too!

If your business would like to sponsor a Bikini Runner, let us know. It can be someone from your company or we can let our volunteers know you’re willing to be a sponsor. These sponsors will receive additional mentions in marketing & on the day of the event.

To sign up your business to help with the Push-Off, just comment below, message us on Facebook, give us a call or email us