Weekly Fishing Report

Week of 6/12/17
Now that was a nice, light drizzle of rain we got Sunday morning and evening. 

Anglers are catching some nice walleyes with the good flow of water pushing food through, under and around the bridges that cross the Chetek Chain of Lakes, especially underwater points where water is also pushing bait fish to them. Another good place to find them biting will be below the dam with the good flow of water through the open flood gates.

Night crawlers, leeches or fathead minnows on a Lindy rig or a split shot rig with at least a 1/4-ounce sinker or more will work to get your bait to hold on the bottom in the currents by the bridges. When fishing the main lake points and shorelines with steep dropoffs, you may be able to use smaller weights on your rigs.

Northern pike anglers are finding some good pike action when fishing some of the sand and weed flats in the bays and main lakes of the Chetek Chain. Floating Rapalas, husky jerkbaits and any other minnow-looking baits retrieved with small twitches of the rod tip occasionally will cause the bait to swim erratically, making the bait appear injured to the lurking and aggressive hitting pike. I suggest using a medal, 6-inch, 20-pound leader between your bait and your fishing line to keep them from biting off your bait with their sharp teeth and gill plates.

Bass anglers are finding some nice bass as they fish the deeper depths and wood structure in the Chetek Chain. Bogs can also be a good place to find them at this time of year with the summer heat. Pitching and flipping the bog areas with a jig and craw rig or Texas-rigged worms can work well to bring them out of hiding. Jig and craws and Carolina rigs are also working well in the deeper wood and waters where there is structure.

Those targeting bluegills are still finding some late spawners along the main lake shorelines and bays that have some wood cover or fallen trees in the waters. You may also find crappies in these same areas. Panfishing anglers are also finding some good ‘gills and crappies when fishing some of the bog areas. They are there seeking cover from the rain and the flow of water that is pushing and churning up food for fish under them.

Boaters, with this last bit of rain we received—4.5 inches to be exact—pleasebe careful as there are a lot of floating logs, pieces of bogs, tree debris and some dock pieces floating around the lakes. Be mindful and pay attention to the no wake buoys in the channels of the lakes.