2016 is our 30th Year!

There have been over 2,770 tagged fish caught during the Fish-O-Rama contest and over $106,750 has been paid out to winners to date!

The Chetek Fish-O-Rama committee tags over 400 pan fish annually that have a total value of $50,000.00. If you catch a fish with a cylindrical tag near the dorsal fin, take it to the Rod & Gun Shop and claim you cash reward. Prizes range from $25.00 to $1000.00. Fish from previous years are worth from $5.00.

Fish O Rama Rules

  • Starts on fishing opener and ends October 1.
  • Must purchase a button prior to catching the tagged fish
  • Buttons are available from Chetek area resorts and businesses for $3 each, $5 husband/wife, $6 family (parents and children 17 and under)
  • Only Crappies and Bluegills are tagged
  • 5 prize amounts: $25, $50, %100, and $1,000
  • Previous year’s tags are worth $5